How Coaching Works

What It’s Like To Work With Me

If you’re a coach or considering becoming one, then I’d like to invite you to become a part of our Virtual Coach program and community.

You’ll get a complete education in how to get clients and coach them to achieve powerful results in their lives and businesses.

You’ll also learn the mindset of a business owner, an entrepreneur, and a leader. As you build your business, these will become more and more important to your success.

When you start with the Virtual Coach, you’ll learn the Wake Up Productive system to install habits to double your productivity. You’ll learn our “Next Level” coaching model, to help clients achieve vertical moves and higher levels of success.

You’ll also receive our toolkit of 12 powerful coaching tools, each one designed to be the centerpiece of a coaching session.

You’ll learn how to design a unique, branded coaching package that you can offer to new clients to secure 3-6 month coaching contracts.

To see all of the details, just visit